Resurecting the server

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Resurecting the server

Mensaje por theDEATH el Vie Jul 22, 2016 3:08 pm

most of the stronget ppl are not loging in anymore ( supose couse they have nothing to do .. and they are bored to farm for days at same spots for low reward)

but anyways . .some of the ppl have nice enchanted items .. and that is inposible anymore .. since u removed the Hard Farm Zone.. and now the only way of geting divine enchants is from donation ( everione hates that)

i personaly was plaing here .. couse there was a way ( hard but posible) to be as strong as the donators .. ( evry server have to give the normal players a chans to be equal as the donator .. if not .. most of the non donators wont play .. then the donators wget bored .. couse there is noone to fight with .. and they leave .. u get my point i hope)

so for my actual suggesstions .. Bring back the Hard Farm zone .. the self healing mobs wore perfect for it .. as normal farm zones .. bring back the bloody mobs in there ( bloody mobs lvl alows them to become champions .. that means better chanse to get Ancient enchants from them - i am still farming them in LOA ) .. and there are ppl haveing 2k armor enchants already and no use for them .. wile new ppl cant get 10 enchants per day in the new -Normal farm mobs.

check the shop .. i love to be able to craft some top armors .. but the recipes for 1 part are 22 k gold bars .. and u can buy all the set for 10k .. pointlesse ..

also the last 2 tattoo upgrades need Olimpiad tokens .. and as far as i know oly is not working .. change theyr prices 0 remove oly tokens from the price , add more gold bars instead.

i was hopeing u will return the hard farm zone by now .. but since u didnt i decided to write that post .. in the end its your server .. u deside what to do with it .. but its geting boring for me too .. so i`m close to leaving aswell Very Happy have a nice day


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